Well do you know that the whole Mobile gaming currently is on fire? Well that’s what apparently the statistics say that mobile gaming is generating a mind boggling round figure of a little more than $30 billion in the beginning of 2015. And when it comes to game development, Stratecore takes it quite seriously. Yes, gaming lovers would always like to stick to their big machines like Xbox and PS for the complete gaming experience, but with the whole Smart Phone revolution, gaming on the go has become more like a necessity. At Stratecore our game developers ensure that every detail of any game that you would like us to develop is constructed using advanced technology such as Auto-desk Maya and Unity 4.6. Not just games on Android, with the new update on the iPhone have given developers a freeway to make the most of various technologies and give the gamers an exceptional experience on their smart phones.

Whether it is character designing, social marketing or providing a game-leader board, at Stratecore Infosys, we know that our gamers enjoy the best and we are dedicated to only give you the benchmarked gaming pleasure. So next time, when you have a brilliant gaming idea, just give us a call and we will make it real at your convenience.